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Healthy Eating can be fun!

Recently the LCV girls were invited to a seminar on Healthy Eating - if you are going to play to the best of your ability, your body needs good fuel to to that.

Ceylan Ayik, FitGurme, brought some very tasty snacks, and took the audience of LCV Girls and some parents through a very interesting and informative presentation on food.

The presentation was very thought provoking for the parents, not just in terms of giving the girls the right food to help them be strong and healthy to play netball, but also for the family too.

One of the scary things that Ceylan brought to our attention was the amount of sugar that hides in supposedly healthy foods - she took some common store cupboard items and told us how much sugar there was in them. That Sugar Film is well worth watching....

One very important thing Ceylan taught the group was how to read the labels on food packaging; some simple rules of thumb

- if you can't pronounce the ingredients, think twice about buying the product!

- if sugar (in any form) is in the first three ingredients, think twice about buying the product!

- the fewer ingredients, the less processed the product is and so the healthier it is - how many ingredients are there in and apple?? One!!

Ceylan also recommended we watch two videos, Fed Up and Food Matters to learn more.

Al the snacks that Ceylan brought disappeared - the proof of the pudding is in the eating!!

A link to the recipes for the snacks, and much more, can be found here.

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